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Support Our Global Participatory Quinoa Research Fund

Smallholder farmers in Rwanda, Malawi, Kenya, and many other developing countries are adding quinoa to their farm rotations to increase agrobiodiversity and improve household food security and nutrition status. Our research team at Washington State University in the Sustainable Seed Systems Lab and the QuinoaHub is supporting these farmers by developing regionally-adapted quinoa varieties that are high in protein and minerals. The Global Participatory Quinoa Research Fund directly finances programs and initiatives that advance research and development of new quinoa varieties that are adapted to different climates and growing conditions. The fund also supports programs that educate farmers and consumers about the benefits of quinoa.


Your support will help the Global Participatory Quinoa Research Fund to make quinoa a more widely available and affordable food crop. This will help to improve the nutrition and food security of people around the world.


Your gift to the Global Participatory Quinoa Research Fund will help us:

  1. Conduct on-farm participatory research to identify the needs of farmers and develop varieties that are well-suited to their specific conditions.

  2. Help farmers access new quinoa varieties, high-quality seeds, and the resources they need to grow them successfully.

  3. Provide educational workshops on quinoa production, processing, and consumption.

  4. Establish collaborative partnerships and work closely with local communities, farmers, scientists, and organizations around the world to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and build a global network dedicated to quinoa research and development.  


With your help, we can make quinoa a more widely available and affordable food source, helping to improve the health and well-being of people around the world.

Your gift today supports the work of Sustainable Seed System Lab in collaboration with QuinoaHub, collaborating farmers, and partner institutions in these efforts.

Donate today and help us sow seeds of agricultural and nutritional resilience.  

Listen and watch Dr. Cedric Habiyaremye's TED Talk where he discusses his personal reflections on life in Rwanda during the mid-nineties, and how quinoa can be used to combat hunger and malnutrition. 


From Hunger Survivor to Hunger Fighter

Ways to Give


Click Here to make a gift online and support our research.

By mail

Please make your check payable to the WSU Foundation and send to:

Crop and Soil Sciences Office

Attn: Global Participatory Quinoa Research Fund

PO Box 646420

Washington State University

Pullman, WA 99164-6420

By phone

We’re happy to process your contribution over the phone. Please contact our team at (509) 335-6479

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Check if your company has a matching giving program and let us know that a matching gift will be coming to increase your donation level!

Not living in the United States?

Email us at to discuss how to donate from abroad.

Have any other questions?

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Thank you for your support!

Washington State University is a 501(c)(3) organization and all your contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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