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About Cedric

As a kid, Cedric often went hungry, living in a refugee camp and through a national famine in Rwanda. Today he is a world-renowned crop scientist and agricultural entrepreneur developing solutions for a zero-hunger and malnutrition-free world. He is the scientist who introduced quinoa in Rwanda and pioneered its research and production in other parts of Africa. Currently, Cedric serves as Research Associate at Washington State University, leading the Global Participatory Quinoa Research Program. He also serves as Research Director and Special Assistant to the CEO at Food Systems for the Future, a nutrition impact investment fund. Cedric is also a serial entrepreneur and businessman; He founded and co-founded several companies in AgTech and emerging technologies. He also serves as a member of the Private Sector Mechanism Youth Macro Committee at the United Nations Committee on World Food Security. He is also a member of the United Nations Association; the Vice-Chair of Building Bridges with Rwanda; and a New Voices Senior Fellow at the Aspen Institute.  

As a global hunger fighter and nutrition thought leader and advocate, Cedric has been an invited participant in the White House briefing on numerous occasions under the Biden administration, including the White House briefing on the UN Food Systems Summit and the White House briefing on American leadership to end hunger and malnutrition at home and abroad. He has also served as a Key Informant and Collaborator in adapting and implementing the first-ever global diet quality monitoring system in partnership with Harvard University and Gallup. Cedric also served as the youngest member of the Global Agriculture Task Force of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and contributed to the 2019 Global Food Security Report. Cedric was also a fellow of the US Borlaug Fellowship in Global Food Security, the Borlaug Leadership Enhancement in Agriculture Program, and the Association for International Agriculture and Rural Development. In 2018, Cedric was awarded the World Hunger Leadership Award for his contributions to agricultural development and the fight against hunger and malnutrition. He has more than ten years of experience in international agricultural development, focusing on the links between agriculture, food systems, and nutrition. 

Cedric holds an MS and Ph.D. degrees in Agronomy and Crop Science from Washington State University, a BS in Agricultural Science with Honors in Irrigation and Drainage, and an Advanced Diploma in Soil and Water Management from the University of Rwanda.